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Welcome to the wedding photography website of the fantastic LA based editorial photojournalist : Wedding Photographer Los Angeles - The Fantastic Donald Norris. Please forgive my SEO speak in this document, it is only intended to have the right clients looking for artistic wedding photography los angeles find us.

Artistic & Vintage photography styles are a large part of our wedding photographic process. As a Los Angeles Wedding photographer we combine Infra-red, sepia and old vintage looks or tones to express your wedding in the most artistic manner. Although this" vintage look" for weddings is a preference artistically, we also believe in blending wedding photography styles; from traditional to the more blurred out, tilt-shift and sunflair-ed weird fun. Los Angeles Wedding Photography is what we do, our pride and our main focus in other words.. la wedding photography

Artistic Wedding Photography by Donald Norris.

Every wedding is a blank canvas stylistically so the look and feel of each wedding can really fit each couple fr the most artistic wedding photography los angeles possible. For a more edgy wedding we would tend to use more edgy photographic styles for our la wedding photography that wouldn't necessarily be right for a more traditional wedding couple rather than those that prefer a more artistic wedding photography stye. It's our job is to capture it in the most artistic manner while at the same time making sure we keep your parents happy to. This is where blending of styles comes in real handy to get the most artistic wedding photography possible.

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If I am looking to find a wedding photographer los angeles for a Fine Art wedding photographer in Los Angeles or perhaps an artist to photograph my wedding; there are three MUST HAVE factors in selecting a photographer. First, ask yourself the question.. "Do they Inspire me" Selecting a wedding photographer that truly can inspire is really important. Finding a wedding photographer is dificult for your la wedding photography and you are hiring and artist to commission your very own art that will last forever! If you were able to find a wedding photographer and your family was able to hire Rembrandt to paint their picture it would have more value to the future generations then another artist. So... Hire an artistic wedding photographer actually I'd consider an artistic wedding photography los angeles as my choice.

Hiring an artist is great, but can they actually deliver. As we know artists can be not as reliable as the rest of the world even in la wedding photography, Which brings us to our second question to ask yourself when selecting an artistic wedding photography... Can they do the job with a reliable level of competency and consistency? There is so much to photographing a wedding other than taking pictures. Make sure to hire a photographer that specializes in weddings. You want a Professional. If you hear of couples never getting their pictures or albums... this is the mistake they made.. They didn't hire a capable professional.

Artistic Wedding Photography Los Angeles

The third and final question is.. Can you afford your Los Angeles wedding photographer after finding a wedding photographer you like? AKA Can the photographer you select fit in your wedding photography budget? Think if you had your great grandmothers wedding album in your hands right now... What is that worth to you? What is it worth to your kids when you pass it down to them? Is it worth more than your TV that you plan to scrap in a year or two? Personally I think it’s invaluable. BUT life is real and finding a modestly priced reliable artistic wedding photographer can be a challenge. But then again all you really have to do is click on the above link because you've found the best wedding photographer at the best more reasonable cost. Donald Norris is known as one of the best and most recommended wedding photographers in Southern California. Voted best of the Knot for over 3 years running. That's correct... If your trying to find a photographer in los angeles.. welll actually, the best wedding photographerin los angeles

Family photography as well as baby photography comes with the territory as well. After the wedding we are a full service operation catering to family and baby photography here in the Los Angeles areas. Some of the most artistic baby and family photos you may ever see. We love capturing them and of course seeing families as they grow and being able to photograph our clients throughout their lives rather than just at the wedding.

Donald Norris his shoots 90% artistic wedding photography los angeles digitally in color, black and white and infrared (Infa-red is very popular and beautiful for wedding photography –  foliage becomes white and skies become darker making clouds pop.. you’d have to see how beautiful it is.) Film photography isn’t completely dead though.  For some clients Don still shoots some film photography, usually for photographing art, or some requests for weddings. Vintage wedding photography Los Angeles and the vintage photography style is also an astistic technique we strive for.

Even though Donald is based out of Los Angeles and works through out southern California with his artistic wedding photography. From San Diego to San Francisco. Destination wedding photography is very popular with several of our clients every year. The most popular destination for hiring a wedding photographer (or at least Donald Norris) is Cabo san Lucas. (and other parts of Mexico) Think of Donald Norris as your Destination wedding photographer. or even destination portrait photographer. He'll fly to you. Hire who you want regardless of location.

Wedding Photography Los Angeles

Aside from Los Angeles wedding photography and family / baby photography Here are a few other areas we photograph:

Los Angeles Headshot Photography / Business headshots, Actor headshots / Headshots photography for actors / LA Headshot photographer / Model Photography / Fine Art Photography / Photography for websites / Business photography for websites / Web presence

Donald’s photographic style technically leans towards editorial photojournalism for la wedding photography. Which means, his style is photojournalistic most of the time, while still doing the formals and setting up a few really stunning setups that still are natural and fluid.. just planned a little.. everyone needs just a little help posing and positioning. But keeping it fluid and organic is key to the naturally beautiful photo. Natural photography with emotion. Beautiful wedding photography. Formal wedding photography with art and fun. Casual wedding photography with energy and emotion. Absolutly the best wedding photographer in los angeles

As a Los Angeles Wedding photographer Donald is an active member in the Wedding and Portrait photographers international (WPPI), professional Photographers of America (PPA) as well as an avid Rotarian. Always sriving to be the best wedding photographer in los angeles, He enters several wedding albums and images from weddings every year into competition and places exceptionally high and has been a winner in several. Artistic wedding photography is the key to the inspiration and also to be the best wedding photographer in los angeles

Without any travel expenses, Donald Norris will travel about 60 miles from Los Angeles. Which makes Donald an excellent destination-wedding photographer. hare you considered a destination wedding? We'll if you do, give him a call. Destination weddings are beautiful, fun, cost effective and so much more enjoyable for the guests. When you plan a destination wedding or wedding out of town why not book a wedding photographer from Los Angeles. Why not Donald Norris.

When you book Donald for your artistic wedding photographer or la wedding photography you become a client for life, part of the family. Which brings us to Family photography sessions and children photography.  The great service and quality for the price is why Donald’s clients have a fanatical desirer to use him every year for their family photos and family portraits. Its also really easy since he loves kids.

If you are looking for a Corporate event photographer Los Angeles for your company or business. We do that too.

Did you know that Donald Norris photography is the...

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Vintage wedding photography Los Angeles

The current trend in weddings is the Vintage wedding photography Los Angeles style. It is simply a technique of treating images to add the vintage photography style. A Vintage wedding photography Los Angeles or vintage photography style is like adding a washed out or faded look to the images. Ideally the best way to do this artistcally is to do in in a minimal fashion. Over use of the vintage photography style can "date" images, making trendy rather then timeless cool. The trick is you need to be able to go back to the images years later and they still have to have that timelessness. Vintage wedding photography Los Angeles is a favorite of ours and the vintage photography style is something we are constantly aspiring towards. Frankly.. its totally cool.


Corporate event photographer Los Angeles

Aside from just shooting weddings, families, babies etc., we here at Donald Norris photography also work as a fantastic Corporate event photographer Los Angeles. Our corporate clients are some of our best and we are here to serve. So when you are looking for a Corporate event photographer Los Angeles for your corporate event in the Socal Area. Please consider us. Annual reports aren't a problem as well. I love our corporate clients, they account for 10% to 15% of our overall client base and we are always looking to expand as our Corporate event photographer Los Angeles business builds. When people search for Corporate event photographer Los Angeles I've always wondered if the term should be Corporate event photography Los Angeles. Do you have an opinion? The important part of the equasion here is: This is what we do and we would like to do it for you. :-)

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