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    Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara Wedding
    Tony and Janelle
    November 20th, 2014




    Steampunk Wedding
    Dolly and Jim
    December 13th, 2014

    Steampunk wedding details hat gun

    Steampunk wedding bride and shoes (more…)

    Oviatt Penthouse wedding
    Chris and Elena
    December 20th, 2014

    pink wedding bouquet

    Bridal pearls


    Imagine 2014 -Trade show photography
    December 29th, 2014

    trade show photography Imagine2014


    Year-End Holiday Party
    J Lounge Party
    January 10th, 2013


    Adamson House Wedding, Malibu
    Caline and Jeremy
    January 18th, 2012

    Adamson House Wedding photography (more…)

    Los Angeles wedding photography by Norrisphoto

    Los Angeles Wedding Photographers

    When you are looking for a photographer in Los Angeles or the surrounding area to photograph your special day, look no further. The Norrisphoto photography team are some of the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles. Wether you are loooking for an artistic photographer, photojounralist or traditional, Norrisphoto has it all. Check out or reviews online. Our brides are some of the happiest anywhere! Wedding Photographer Los Angeles Galleries

    Los Angeles Corporate Event Photographers

    Norrisphoto can handle any size of corporate event with teams of up to eight trained professional and courtous photographers. Wether it is corporate party photography or photographers for a tradeshow in the Los Angeles area, Norrisphoto is the photography team in the los angeles area to get it done properly and in budget. Next day turn around times and onsite printing also available. Look to Norrisphoto photographer teams for your corporate event photoraphy needs.

    Los Angeles Engagement Photography

    Engagement photography is usually the fist time a couple has the oppertunity to experience the true talent of a wedding photographer. The engagment session helps couples becomre more comfortable with their wedding photographer and at the same time get wounderful photos to put in your new home. Using your weddingday photographer to photograph your engagement session is an excellent idea at a great lifelong value. We recommend engagement photography.

    Los Angeles Family Photographers

    If you are looking for a fantastic family photographer in the Los Angeles area give Norrisphoto a ring today. Norrisphoto is your lifelong family photographer studio from event photography to baby photography to Bar/Bot Mitzvah photography, Norrisphoto is here for you. Los Angeles Family photography is what comes after the wedding. As families grow making sure they are properly documented is essential. Life moves quick, so call a family photographer today.

    Los Angeles Wedding Photography

    Looking for information on Los Angeles Wedding photography can be a difficult task. Norrisphoto has been in business for over a decade and a half and has seen just about every Los Angeles weddin photography trend around. No matter the wedding photography package you are looking for, Norrisphoto can accomodate just about any budget with the care and attention you deserve on your special day.

    Los Angeles Artistic Wedding Photographers

    Just like our Motto " Home is Where the Art is" Norrisphoto's photographer team of highly skilled artistic wedding photographers are some of the best anywhere. We pride our selves on an artistic photograhy style as well as being skilled eneough to handle any traditional photography. Our photographer team is a multi-year winner of the covited Knot arawrd. Norrisphoto's photography artists are talent you can count on. Los Angeles Artistic wedding photographer s : Norrisphoto
    Los Angeles wedding photography by Norrisphoto

    Los Angeles Wedding Photographers : Where to start looking

    I recommend actually starting your search online. These are the professionals actively searching for your business and are marketing specifically to shoot weddings. Finding just any photographer really won't do. Aside from just googling "wedding photographers" I recommend checking out The Knot and Wedding Wire, both great sites with tons of resources and galleries. Next Check on Facebook and ask your friends who they went with and if they were happy with the service they received. Finally and most importantly... I recommend checking out their yelp reviews. Oh.. and perhaps Pintrest as well.

    Los Angeles Corporate Event Photographers : Service is key

    It takes a great team and we have some of the best corporate event photographers. Any member of our team can fully handle any event and represent Norrisphoto in the manner and professionalism our client have come to expect. Each photographer has been hand picked and trained by Donald Norris personally. These are not low paid drones, these are highly professional yet fun, masters of their craft and worthy of artistic inspiration. Happy teams keep our clients happy and this is our main goal. Even if you have difficult corporate event photography requests, the odds are we can accommodate. From quick turn arounds to onsite printing to large events with several moving parts, we have you covered.

    Los Angeles Engagement Photography : How to select a location

    The location you select for your engagement photos will always be a place you remember. So its right to select a place you want to build memories or have memories already attached. Think about this time in you and your fiancé's lives together. Are there places you go together that represent "now" in your lives? Of course, selecting a pretty location is best, but the emotional connection to the location is something we like to have our couples focus on as well. Personally my wife and I did our engagement photos at Burningman, because of the connection it had for us. What about you? Now if you need more substantial ideas.. check out our online engagement photo galleries or search pintrest. or... give us a ring and we can help

    Los Angeles Family Photographers : Family Portraits & planning for the future

    Finally have the family all together? or perhaps it's your first portrait and you want to capture you with your family. There are many factors to selecting a family portrait photographer. The first will be, do you get along?/Do you like the photographer? This will affect how successful the photographer will be at bringing out your essence. The second factor, is how long have they been in business? If they are new or too old they may not be around next year and you'll have to go through the whole selection process again. The third factor is, what other products do they offer? Some photographers (like us) offer just about any product on the market from canvases to photo albums. Trust me, you do not want to put together your own albums.

    Los Angeles Wedding Photography: Professional vs "a friend"

    Do you like your photographer "friend"? How would you feel if they are no longer your friend? I've seen it happen a lot! There is a significant difference from hiring a professional and hiring a friend photographer. Professionals have several back up pieces of equipment, Friends.. might. Professionals are insured as required by most venues. If anything goes wrong with your friend, the liability is on you. not a fun way to start your marriage. What most couples don't understand is the difference between being able to get a few good images and being able to consistently get good images regardless of the available light. Most professional photographer deliver after editing about 100 image per hour of portfolio quality work.

    Los Angeles Artistic Wedding Photographers: The "professional" artist

    Just what makes a professional wedding photographer artist? From my perspective the difference is "delivery". A professional artist always reliably hits their deadlines and is consistent and reliably good - they "deliver". This is what make an artist a professional. My personal thought is "art is personal" I do art for myself & photography is my art medium. The professional part is all about offering great reliable service to our clients. The photography part is the personal aspect. As an artist, My team and I are always looking for inspiration. From trying new weird photographic techniques, to having art days where we visit museums and other artistic outings. Please forgive the poor writing grammer etc of these remblings at the bottom of this page. We use this text to help us get found on the internet and it's usually really really late at night.