We had such a great experience.  We Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Norris Photo to others. ”   -Yelp

Don and his team are AMAZING!!! …” –  The Knot

About Us

Welcome to Norrisphoto, Los Angeles’s number one choice for commercial and event photography since 2001. We pride ourselves not only on are skills but also our service. With a full team of carefully curated photographers, videographers &, editors, all trained in the same clean Norrisphoto style and under the careful coordination of Donald Norris personally. All of our photographers are true artists & award-winning masters of their craft able to handle any lighting situation within seconds and always with the same professionally cheerful manner. Our team has the ninja–like ability to blend into the crowd without being overbearing yet still, always where the action is. For our businesses and advertising clients, we pair seamlessly with your marketing department to help make your ideas become a reality mapping out every shot with your team before even shooting. We even handle the talent acquisition / casting saving you time and money. Call or email to meet your photographer today.  We are so confident you’ll be happy…  we guarantee it.

Main Specializations: Commercial Advertising & Business photography,   Event photography & Cinematography

Virtual Meetings

Anytime day or night we can set up a meeting that fits your schedule perfectly. Of course, in-person meetings are still available as well.

Fast turnaround

With our own in-house production team (PMP certified) we are able to accurately predict exactly when to expect your enhanced master images. /

Instant Social Media

Keep up with the times and have your event instantly online for social media. As we are shooting, instantly see images on an iPad and choose them instantly for social media sharing.

Client Usage Rights

Our preference is to work on a buy-out basis with you having full rights to use the images as you like including billboards without having to worry about additional costs.

Commercial Casting

Using your own employees in your advertising may seem like a good idea but after you think about it a bit and lawyers get involved, trust me we can make you look much better using professional talent. We offer full-service casting, be as involved as you like

Commitment to service

We are committed to offering the absolute best in art as well as service without any egos, on time, and exceeding expectations. We are not satisfied until you are.

Lightning Masters

No matter the available light, we can make it flawless every time. Lighting a subject is one area our photographers really shine from setting up make shift studios at your home or business,  to expert flash handling during events


Some of our clients require a bit more discretion than others. We will go out of our way to make shure your images are only seen  by people you have specified. If an event (or subject) requires more confidently,  we can work under an NDA. 

Covid Safety Precautions

As professional photographers we are entrusted with capturing your ideas, your memories, the moments in time that enrich our lives, grow our businesses and have our hearts melt time and time again. This being said, everyone’s health is our concern. We all have loved ones that are susceptible during this pandemic so we will do everything within our power to make sure everyone is safe.

Thankfully,  you are working with a full team of photographers with styles that all blend seamlessly together,  so you never have to worry about being put in harm’s way and the show will always go on flawlessly.

During this time all initial client meeting, quotes and consultations are being held virtually. At all times our team will be wearing facemasks as well as gloves and forgive us if we trade in a handshake for a bow or elbow bump, it is all in the spirit of respect during these challenging times.


Have questions?  We are here to help.