infrared photography for weddings

Infrared Wedding Photography

Infrared photography refers to photographing the light spectrum closest to our normal ability to see, yet just beyond the visible light spectrum and our eye’s capabilities. When used by photographers this isn’t actually same as what the military uses. What they use is much further along the infrared spectrum then what we use for photography. We actually only use the beginning part of the spectrum called “near Infrared”. Aside from landscape photography, Infrared wedding photography is perhaps the most popular use of the medium because of the wondrous effects it produces. Read More »


Adamson House Wedding, Malibu

The Adamson house in Malibu is a delightful place to photograph a wedding. The entire property is a perfectly restored historic property with fantastic view of the ocean and a beautiful garden setting for the ceremony.

The wedding cake was a gift from the brides parents as an inside joke on the groom. Ask me about it sometime, and I’ll tell you the story. Read More »

Infrared Wedding Photography?

So what is infrared wedding photography? Hold that thought…. lets start with what InfraRed does and explain why we would want to use it.