Meet the team!

Meet Donald Norris aka “Don”
• Main Photographer, Founder/President of Norrisphoto
• Started shooting in high school – Pet Portraits for a pet store chain
• Grew up in Wilmington Delaware
• Interned for Clinton at the White house in DC while in school
• Second photographer for the legendary Joe Buissink for years
• One of the founders of the Black Rock Yearbook camp at Burningman
• I’m a certified project manager and planner.
• Married his Album Master & Creative Guru in 2013! (‘Kelly’ listed below)
• Loves sushi & a total art geek


Meet Kelly
• Norrisphoto’s Album Master, Creative Guru, & Resident Graphic Designer
• Don’s Fabulous Wife
• Originally from New Jersey
• Professional Graphic designer since 1998
• Has Professional Wallpaper designs distributed commercially
• Favorite band : Phish & Favorite Food : Sushi
• lover of the the Jersey ‘Tailor ham’
• Master with dual hula-hoops
• Volunteers for child advocacy non-profit in her free time


Meet Sam
• Norrisphoto’s General Assistant
• Helps carry bags, set up lights & edit Don’s poor grammar on the website
• Splits his time between VT,PA and LA
• Currently a Junior at Champlain College in Vermont- Marketing Major
• On the Dean’s list with a full scholarship
• Went to Harvard for Summer school
• He likes the card game Munchkin, playing minecraft & is a great D&D “DM”
• Regularly forced to dye his hair “Normal” colors prior to assisting
• Don’s fantastic son


Meet Rich
• Norrisphoto’s Team-lead photographer since 2005
• Graduated from Syracuse University in Acting and has his own web series.
• One of Don’s closest friends, a total goof & could pass for Don’s whiter brother
• Rich met Don by emailing him off his website. He was moving to LA and needed a mentor
• Started shooting in college doing head shots
• Excellent with a frisbee golf
• Plays piano & trumpet
• Huge video game addict
• He has a cat named Elenore



Meet Shawn
• One of Norrisphoto’s most trusted lead photographers.
• Started shooting professionally in 2003, (with Norrisphoto since 2008)
• Loves to travel, but who doesn’t?
• A California native – born & raised (they do exist)
• A former IT tech/geek
• Has two dogs, two cats, one kick ass wife and 7 imaginary friends
• Free time is usually spent remodeling his house, hiking his dogs & going to concerts
• His favorite, FAVORITE band of all time is RUSH
• His favorite food is Sushi & Mexican, but not together
• His favorite whiskey is Dickel’s, something Don introduced him to and now he can’t look back