Camp Wedding, Ocean Pines -Cambria

Our location for today’s wedding was up in Cambria, CA at a rustic, sea-side summer camp called Camp Ocean Pines. This wedding was one of my favorites. So much so that Kelly and I modeled our own wedding after this very one. The couple (Senta and Ernest) rented out the entire campground and invited their guests to a weekend getaway. Senta had worked there while growing up so it was a very special place to her.

Because everyone was staying on-site at the camp wedding, I had lots of time with the bridal party before the ceremony to play with some of the fun amenities they offered at Camp Ocean Pines. The great William Tell-esque shots we got on the archery range are some of my favorites!

Just as the wedding ceremony started, the mist rolled in off the ocean making everything feel magical. It was like being in a fairy tale.