Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara Wedding

We photographed this wedding at the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara. First of all, I love Santa Barbara. Anytime I have a chance to get up there for photography or otherwise, I jump at the chance.

The Four Seasons is a fantastic venue. The little bungalows where Brides and grooms get ready offer plenty of natural light and with the venue being so close to the beach, we can get both shots of greenery as well as beach photos. Read More »

infrared photography for weddings

Infrared Wedding Photography

Infrared photography refers to photographing the light spectrum closest to our normal ability to see, yet just beyond the visible light spectrum and our eye’s capabilities. When used by photographers this isn’t actually same as what the military uses. What they use is much further along the infrared spectrum then what we use for photography. We actually only use the beginning part of the spectrum called “near Infrared”. Aside from landscape photography, Infrared wedding photography is perhaps the most popular use of the medium because of the wondrous effects it produces. Read More »

Steampunk Bride

Steampunk Wedding

Here is a little photography gallery for Jim and Dolly’s steampunk wedding. I personally love the Dr Who wedding elements as well. Jim had the rings and pendant inscribed in gallifreyan. That’s the circle designs you see.. yes it’s actually a language (for you non- whovians) I believe it said Dolly and Jim forever. Read More »

oviatt penthouse wedding


If you are looking for a wedding venue with a 1920’s feel, look no further that the Oviatt Penthouse. The penthouse resides in Downtown Los Angeles on the roof of the Cicada and just a short walk from the Hotel Biltmore. The venue is perfect for smaller weddings under 100 guests. Read More »


Adamson House Wedding, Malibu

The Adamson house in Malibu is a delightful place to photograph a wedding. The entire property is a perfectly restored historic property with fantastic view of the ocean and a beautiful garden setting for the ceremony.

The wedding cake was a gift from the brides parents as an inside joke on the groom. Ask me about it sometime, and I’ll tell you the story. Read More »


Beverly Hills Wedding

The wedding was at Melody’s parents beautiful home in Beverly Hills. We started nice and early so we had the entire day. The bride got ready in a separate room from the groom and we kept them apart until their first meeting. Which gave us a nice amount of time … Read More »


Ritz-Carlton Downtown LA Wedding

I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to photograph at the brand new Ritz-Carlton that opened Downtown in LA Live. The structure is beautiful and such a presence in the L.A. skyline. The Ritz-Carlton is also large enough to accommodate a 500+ guest count wedding like Diana and David’s … Read More »

Hollywood movie wedding

Hollywood Movie Themed Wedding

Kappa and Mike had a true Warner Brothers Hollywood movie themed wedding. Since both of the bride and groom worked for WB they were allowed to have access to the entire lot for photos as well as holding their own reception in the commissary. Playing on the sets was super fun! I … Read More »


Camp Wedding, Ocean Pines -Cambria

Our location for today’s wedding was up in Cambria, CA at a rustic, sea-side summer camp called Camp Ocean Pines. This wedding was one of my favorites. So much so that Kelly and I modeled our own wedding after this very one. The couple (Senta and Ernest) rented out the entire … Read More »

back yard wedding

Backyard Wedding Pasadena

Julie and Julian really had a dream wedding. They were high school sweethearts! How often do you hear that these days? I love that even their names matched! This was really quite apparent when they were getting ready in her parents house… the same house he used to ring the … Read More »


First Congregational Church Wedding

For this wedding we photographed the getting ready stages at the Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The Biltmore is one of the most popular choices for brides who have a wedding in downtown. It looks super fancy and offers many location options and great lighting. They also tend to … Read More »

Stone manor wedding

Stone Manor Wedding

I love Stone Manor. This venue is quaint, elegant, well lit and has a spectacular view from high above the Malibu hills. I say “well lit” because stone manor lighting is what the venue comes up on the GPS systems. They have a little walkway through the wooded areas with … Read More »