Stone manor wedding

Stone Manor Wedding

I love Stone Manor. This venue is quaint, elegant, well lit and has a spectacular view from high above the Malibu hills. I say “well lit” because stone manor lighting is what the venue comes up on the GPS systems. They have a little walkway through the wooded areas with lighted paths throughout the venue to help guide the way. They even have a chandelier that hangs from a tree with no visible wires to help light the area. Nice little touches, but the lighting around the area is nothing compared to the beautiful view of the ocean. The stone paths, doorways, and overall environment is really great with all the little nooks and crannies. As a photographer, I will never tire shooting here. I love that it also has a nice intimate feel to it.

For this wedding, I also really loved that their dog was the ring-bearer and Jayson’s kids were running around with video cameras everywhere. It was really nice to have their whole family around to make it the fully rich experience it is meant to be.