First Congregational Church Wedding

For this wedding we photographed the getting ready stages at the Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The Biltmore is one of the most popular choices for brides who have a wedding in downtown. It looks super fancy and offers many location options and great lighting. They also tend to be really photographer friendly which is a total plus.

This wedding was of two high school sweetheart that already had children together so the room was pretty crowded during the getting ready and I think the kids may have added a little extra stress on the wedding day for the bride. It’s hard to stop being a full-time parent with young kids. Now for Brides with young kidsĀ I recommend having them with the groom or another family member so you can really enjoy your day without worrying about theĀ little ones. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kids, but this one day is really all about the Bride. You can have this day off.

The wedding itself was held at the First Congregational Church. It has an unforgettable old-school pipe organ that takes up the entire front of the alter. The church tends to be on the darker side, so fast lenses helped out quite a bit with the lower light.

For the reception, they went to the Oviatt Penthouse which was walking distance from the hotel which would make getting back after the reception easy.

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