back yard wedding

Backyard Wedding Pasadena

Julie and Julian really had a dream wedding. They were high school sweethearts! How often do you hear that these days? I love that even their names matched! This was really quite apparent when they were getting ready in her parents house… the same house he used to ring the door bell when he was in High school. I can barely remember where I was during my high school days, let alone who I was dating. It kinda trips me out a bit.

The church was really beautiful and quaint. They let us up into the balcony to take pictures as well. They even let the kids in the bridal party ring the church bell! It was a little heavy for them, I think the priest enjoyed launching the little kids into the air.

When we got back to the house, the backyard was decked out in wedding splendor. They really did the backyard wedding setup well. From the tree of table assignments to the overhead lighting above the dance floor (really helps for great pictures) they did the backyard right for such a small cost effective wedding. The sparklers were a ton of fun! I wish I had more time to play with them. I recommend sparklers at a wedding any day.

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