pasadena engagement

Pasadena City Hall Engagement Photos

Today we went out to photograph an engagement session in Pasadena at the Pasadena city hall, public library and Colorado street bridge.

Just up the block from City hall I found a fantastic wall right next to the permit office. Instantly, I knew I we had to start the engagement photo session there.

Next we headed into City Hall. It was a popular day for photography, there were about 4 other couples also doing engagement photography sessions, but thankfully its a big enough place to find lots of spots. Of course, the bridge is my favorite part of city hall for the more scenic/architectural pictures.

The library was a little more of a challenge. Since we had to be super quite, I had to really make every shot count. Plus, I never really know if they will throw us out of a building for taking pictures. (It comes with the territory)

As a photographer, I LOVE finding new place for engagement sessions. This was my first time under the colorado bridge. I really wish we had more time there. We only had about 4 minutes to shoot before we would lose the light.

We finished up our Pasadena City Hall engagement session with the Colorado street bridge. We were lucky enough to just starting shooting as the lights turned on for the evening.