anoush wedding pictures
anoush wedding pictures

Brand Park Wedding / Anoush Reception

For Jeannette and Noah we started the day out at the doubletree in Glendale. Since about 90% of couples these days see each other(see here), finding a beautiful place for them to see each other for the first time is always the first thing I do when scoping out a venue. Depending on the hotel and what else is going on there, our options for first meetings and our editorial shots will vary. In this case, we found out that the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel was totally empty because it hadn’t opened yet. The hotel was great at accommodating us shooting there.

Our next stop was Brand park. An extremely popular location for wedding photos and it was right in front of the tea garden where they were having the ceremony. I love the archways! It really looks moroccan with the design and fantastic light. We staged the kids peaking around the corner to really make the shot.

After the ceremony we headed to Anoush Restaurant in Glendale. It’s a popular choice for arminian, greek and persian wedding receptions. Every table has a few bottles of booze on it along with endless trays of food that are always stocked for nibbling. No one finished the plates without them being refilled by Anoush as they get low. You will certainly not be hungry.