Lake Castaic Engagement

Lake Castaic Engagement Photos

Today we went to Lake Castaic to photograph¬†this¬†engagement session. It was a beautiful day for photos. We had a nice mist on the lake adding to the dreamy quality of the images. The couple chose this location because, Noah (the groom-to-be) is a professional big bass fisherman and they wanted … Read More »

Baby covered in toilet paper

Today we had a quick little family session using my pop-up photo studio set-up. It’s a simple backdrop placed in a carport which gives us the nicely controlled front directional lighting and can be setup just about anywhere. In this case, the family came to me and we photographed the … Read More »

Should a wedding photographer charge tax?

Photography & sales tax: The answer Taxes? YAWN! Too bad this is important and Few people understand this properly until its too late Here is the answer directly from the department of equalization.(AKA the government agency responsible for state tax) I have had numerous talks with them over the years … Read More »